Why Bodymap ?



I was headed for shoulder surgery until I found Bodymap. Not only did I avoid surgery but am now swimming world record times since I turned 60! I have also won my first physique show and am setting new goals regularly. Up next ? world record in over 60 World Medley event.



I have been a high level athlete all my life. When I was massively injured playing soccer, I needed an ankle replacemnet. I started working at Bodymap pre-surgery and continue post surgery. There is no way I could come this far this fast with Ontarios health care system alone.


Financial Management

As a new father my back pain was stopping me form lifting my son. Sitting all day at the office was agony and I couldn't get relief until Bodmap. In a few short months the pain is gone and I can now look forward to a full mobile future in which I can keep up with my son !



My back and neck pain were so bad from scoiosis I had given up hope at the age of 47. After working at Bodymap. not only can I manage my mobility completely, I went on to compete in figure competitons at age 50 !