Clear Directions for YOUR body.

Restricted Access Scheduling

Hello Everyone

Well, looks like we are ready to resume services, though in a somewhat restricted way.

At first, only those who have been working from home or otherwise isolated can attend due to contact tracing requirements.

As measures relax and effectiveness of protocols can be established we can start to open to more people.

Please be patient in this matter as the health department can, of course, shut us down with any violations.

As always, sessions will be by appointment only. However days open and hours may have to change. This depends on who and how many clients  are back and when.

My goal is to eventually to get everyone back into their normal time slots. How long this may take is anyone's guess at this point.

Extra cleaning time, distancing measures and Government restrictions on who can attend are all factors. 

Some cannot risk the health of their family, childcare and employment issues may also have become a factor.

Everyone will be required to wear a mask at all times while on premise and must wash hands upon entrance.
So, with that in mind, please kindly fill out the following form and return, so I know if you are ready to restart and when.

There is absolutely no pressure to do so. No matter what you decide, we will get you back whenever you are ready to resume in your own time.  

I'll be back as soon as possible with some sort of schedule to open with, any further information and waiver. 

Hope to see you again soon !


Client Update form

Over 40? Start here

Over 40? Start hereOver 40? Start hereOver 40? Start here

Aging doesn't have to be the downhill slide that so many let happen. If you have lived long enough then you have at least seen the signs: A little more stiff as you wake up. Injuries that take longer to heal, balance, endurance and freedom of movement become less predictable.
Of course you can lament and let age have its way with you, or you can do something about it.
Most people come to Bodymap because they are feeling vulnerable. An accident, prolonged illness or surgery are all reasons you might want to take control and get your health back.
At Bodymap, we are specialists in functional mobility, Everything from simple soreness to acute injury caused by , car accidents , sports injury, job related or just age catching up, we have the answers.
We can show you how to work with your body’s natural recovery abilities and overcome even the most stubborn of problems.
Together with our network of practitioners and doctors we will do everything possible to ensure a safe recovery and improved health.
Whatever your goal or ailment, Bodymap can provide CLEAR DIRECTIONS FOR YOUR BODY.
Are you ready to take control ?

Why Bodymap ?



I was headed for shoulder surgery until I found Bodymap. Not only did I avoid surgery but am now swimming world record times since I turned 60! I have also won my first physique show and am setting new goals regularly. Up next ? world record in over 60 World Medley event.



I have been a high level athlete all my life. When I was massively injured playing soccer, I needed an ankle replacemnet. I started working at Bodymap pre-surgery and continue post surgery. There is no way I could come this far this fast with Ontarios health care system alone.


Financial Management

As a new father my back pain was stopping me form lifting my son. Sitting all day at the office was agony and I couldn't get relief until Bodmap. In a few short months the pain is gone and I can now look forward to a full mobile future in which I can keep up with my son !



My back and neck pain were so bad from scoiosis I had given up hope at the age of 47. After working at Bodymap. not only can I manage my mobility completely, I went on to compete in figure competitons at age 50 !


Jenni Heron

Personal Trainer - Ayurveda Specialist

Jenni is an expert in working with people of all ages to achieve the very best outcomes possible. With 12 years experience and a life long love of training, it makes her the natural choice for all your fitness and wellness goals.

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James Banks

Rehabilitation Specialist - ACE CPT

Over 40 years of training experience hes taught me that knowledge is a never ending quest. Nothing could be truer of aging in our modern environments. Suddenly we are finding out that the lifestyles we strove for can be the very thing that stops us from living.

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Chris Twerdun

Personal Trainer BKIN CSCS CEP

The newest member of the Bodymap team, combines his training as a professional hockey player with his education to create results orientated programs for his strength and conditioning clients.

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